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Read Ian's article on climate change and the Lake District in the Spring Edition of Cumbria Life here


….great, full colour pictures, maps and diagrams, and easy to read text, with descriptions of interesting walks and what can be seen on them. That is, there are easy-to-understand explanations of how the rocks formed and how the geology affects the landscape, and there is also an exploration of the long human story of the landscapes.

If you are visiting the Lake District and are interested in its geology, this guide is a great place to start.
Deposits Magazine March 2023

Ian, Stuart and Bruce lace their book with some of the best landscape images of the Lake District that I have come across, which invite you to read the text. The Lake District is pitched at a level that anyone can understand, with a minimum of jargon and a pleasant style…….it will surely find its way into secondary-school and first-year undergraduate field trips. It is also ideal for any family aiming at a fortnight’s holiday in the Lakes, but wondering what to do. 

Dr Steve Drury, Earth-logs March 2022

‘This handsome book is a treat to hold with wonderful photographs by Stuart Holmes. The informative text is by Ian Francis and Bruce Yardley, both experienced embraces the landscape
through time’.

Prof David Breeze, Newcastle Antiquaries Bulletin March 2022


This is probably the best book I have read on the geology of the Lake District, so easy to understand, not full of jargon and explains in layman’s terms how the landscape of the Lakes was formed and shaped.


I started reading it and could hardly put it down, it was riveting and made so much sense of the landscape of places I had walked. It will make future excursions onto the fells so much more interesting, and I am tempted to buy another one for the rucksack.


Warren Allison

Cumbria Amenity Trust Mining Archaeology Newsletter April 2022